"Nothing Is Impossible"

Adopting this powerful adage as the motto, Speaking Hands Welfare Foundation (SHWF) was established in the year 2012 by a group of social workers working in remote areas of Rajpura, Punjab with the focus to contribute towards the development and betterment of the DEAF community. The basic programmes included generation of awareness for the need to empower deaf persons with a scientific outlook and also providing facilities to uplift their living standards. A formal group with the requisite recognition became imperative to undertake development activities in the region in a systematic manner which consequently led to the establishment of the foundation.

Our foundation strives to empower deaf persons and enable them to lead successful lives as active participants in the socio-economic process. We express a deep sense of gratitude towards the young deaf and dedicated workers of the group who act as the main pillars behind the success the different activities of the society.

Speaking Hands Welfare Foundation is working towards finding a sustainable solution to these problems. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help. Every contribution, big or small, can make a difference. It will help stem some of the damage to fragile ecosystems; it will help sustain some indigenous communities and their unique cultures. It will give us fresh heart. And it will tell the world that you care.

Pavitar singh, Age: 16

You can help this deaf Student
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

Adity, Age: 14

you can support to his
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

Amanpreet singh, Age: 16

Help this deaf student his
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

Manju, Age: 14

You can give her a new
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

Sahil, Age: 12

Support this
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

Garima, Age: 12

Help this deaf
Donate Rs. 2100 Only per month. Become My Sponsor

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